Never Be Too Anxious For A Relationship

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Never Be Too Anxious For A Relationship Never Be Too Anxious For A Relationship

Never Be Too Anxious For A Relationship

Prior to beginning my relationship with Shaun, I was in a relationship in which I was unequally yoked from the very beginning even though I didn’t yet know what it meant to be saved. I made several mistakes for which I have to now take complete ownership in my role. If you have read or will read our book, “A Match Made In Heaven” much of this will be familiar.
By the time that I got to college I wanted to feel like I was part of the 'in' crowd. When I was shown the slightest bit of attention from a man, I forgot all about what I had been taught about who I was from my parents as a young woman. All because I was too anxious to be in another relationship I began to make a series of mistakes in my life. Mistake # 1: One night after going to the club and too much to drink I said, "Why don't you just follow me down to school?" Of course, he agreed without hesitation. Then came…
Mistake #2: I had to lie to my parents for the first time in my life about something big.
Then one night we out to the club, that ended up being the first time that he threw me up against the wall, punched, kicked, and choked me because of an innocent dance with someone that I had known since my freshman year.
Mistake #3: I found out that he was still legally married to another woman and he was a federal felon and I still stayed.
Mistake #4: I believed his lies about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once more I gave him my love and support. Then another truth came out. He had been previously incarcerated for a federal crack cocaine charge and was fresh out of the halfway house and on parole in our hometown.
These were just the beginning of the several mistakes that I made that led to even more mistakes that I made all because I was unequally yoked with someone who I allowed to define me as a young single woman. This was someone that did everything in their power to attempt to take me away from Jesus.
If you are in a relationship in which you’re unequally yoked then you should get out and wait until you can find an Ephesians 5 husband or a Proverbs 31 wife that knows how to love and respect you according to the word of God.
If you have made a series of mistakes in your life, then turn to God, through Jesus Christ. Be willing to wait for someone that will strengthen and uplift you as you grow closer to Jesus. Never be too anxious for anything, including a relationship.

 Never Be Too Anxious For A Relationship

pixel Never Be Too Anxious For A Relationship

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