Laying The Foundation For A Godly Marriage

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One of the things that my wife and I do on a regular basis is do a marriage resource together each and every week. While doing one of our resources we came across an absolutely great video by Jimmy and Karen Evans who teach married couples how to maintain a Godly marriage. Although their resources are directed at married couples, this particular one dealt with divorce proofing a marriage mainly as a result of the actions you take BEFORE you even utter those words: “I Do”

One of the key things I discuss in my own book is how important it is for you to lay a proper foundation if you desire to one day enjoy a Godly marriage with the perfect match that God has for you. This video will discuss what a few of those actions are and you can also read about and learn how to lay a good foundation for a Godly marriage in my book titled: A Match Made In Heaven.

The Warning Signs of Divorce Part 1 from MarriageToday on Vimeo.

 Laying The Foundation For A Godly Marriage


pixel Laying The Foundation For A Godly Marriage

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