Knowing When You’re Unequally Yoked

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Knowing When Youre Unequally Yoked Knowing When You’re Unequally Yoked

Knowing When You’re Unequally Yoked

While you are dating someone, as you become stronger in your Christian walk you may become to realize that you are unequally yoked with the other person. Upon this realization, you know that you need to end the relationship if you aren’t married.

One of the best prayers that I can ever remember praying to God on a regular basis was for Him to open the doors in my life that needed to be opened and to close the ones that needed to be closed…even if it meant Him slamming them shut. We are often reluctant because many times we relate a closing door with pain or loss of something. Sometimes we need for God to slam some doors shut on us when we are reluctant to allow them to shut naturally.

Closing a door in your life might mean letting someone go, it might mean giving up on something that is not meant for you, or it may mean you need to stop doing something altogether. Because these things may be difficult for you to do, you must ask God to assist you with the closing of that particular door even if it means you must experience the pain of having that door slammed shut by God.

It’s far better to allow God to slam the door shut rather than to continue down a path that will bring nothing more than destruction down the road. Remember that God is standing in your tomorrow today and knows what we are and are not prepared for and what we can and can’t handle.

Remember that God will never slam a door shut in your life without opening another door in your life for a new blessing to come. When you fail to make the will of God your own will and do what you desire, then God can’t give you the blessing that HE had planned for your life.

 Knowing When You’re Unequally Yoked

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