Know If A Potential Mate is Godly

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Know If A Potential Mate is Godly

When first getting to know someone that you hope to be in a relationship with, they can often portray to be Godly when they are really living as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How can you be certain whether a person is the one God intended for you to be with? (Luke 6:43-44)

A great start is for you to listen to their conversation with others and watch them in other situations outside of your relationship. Listen and watch for how others they are close with speak and act. A person is going to be drawn to those that are more like themselves. For example, people with a certain profession are more likely to be with others of the same profession or similar profession.

In your conversations, determine if there have been situations where they recognize and acknowledge that it was the hand of God that brought them through to the other end. You should also be able to determine situations where they followed the word of God in a tough time when they had to put their flesh under subjection. Don’t be so quick to tell someone what you are looking for in a mate. The reason I say this is because often times, they may try to present certain things to you in an attempt to impress you even though it is not what is truly in their heart.

 Know If A Potential Mate is Godly

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