Be Thankful in Differences

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Be Thankful In Differences Be Thankful in Differences

Be Thankful in Differences

When two people get together it is often because they find several things that they are similar as far as character, likes and dislikes, what they enjoy, or don’t enjoy. I have to say that is what attracts us to them. However, it is also important to find someone that compliments you as well. If you are with someone that is exactly like you, then that means one of you is unnecessary when it comes to strengthening the other where one is weaker.

When you are spending time getting to know one another you should be able to determine how you strengthen each other. Continue to be thankful for the differences that the two of you have in your relationship. There will be times that you will have to agree to disagree but in the long run, I believe that it will make you stronger.

Being thankful for the differences will allow you to see more than one perspective on certain situations and conditions. When you are trying to rush into a relationship you may be restricting yourself on finding someone that can cause you to grow and be strengthened.

 Be Thankful in Differences

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