Are You Truly Equally Yoked?

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Are You Equally Yoked Are You Truly Equally Yoked?

Are You Equally Yoked

Knowing whether or not you are truly equally yoked with your potential mate is something that you must pray about quite often and allow God to guide you. It is important to remember that God only placed two people together. God created Adam and Eve as husband and wife and that was it. Every other relationship was, is, and will be the doing of individuals not God.

Listen to how they react to certain situations and ask yourself if they take a Godly stance. Do they just react or do they take the time to listen and more importantly wait for God to give them the answer? When things come up, do they go to others or to the word of God? Do they follow Jesus or the world and give into their flesh?

Although you will both be doing a lot of conserving, take the time to also do a lot of listening and observing. A person’s thoughts will always come out of their mouth and eventually be shown in their character. They can only hold an act for so long before their true self comes out. Therefore, don’t be so quick to form an opinion of someone too quickly. If you are truly yoked together then God will show you.

 Are You Truly Equally Yoked?

pixel Are You Truly Equally Yoked?

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